PWSI Icebreaker

Referee Application for 2016 PWSI Icebreaker

Select your current USSF Grade level

List here the total number of games experience you have had leading up to this tournament

Now that you are no longer a State or National referee please select the highest level you may want to officiate in this tournament. If you have a gender preference please add it to the comments section.

Required in the label is one must answer the question. However, it is not a requirement to own a long sleeve jersey. However, If you referee in cold weather you should consider getting one ore more.

Thanks! You'll look like a pro out there!
While it is not a requirement, our suggestion is if you are going to be officiating competitive games in cold weather you should buy the right equipment. A professional appearance goes a long way towards selling your calls.
Wow - Glad to have your experience with us!

A quality tournament attracts quality refs. Where we have some referees requesting AR-only, one may get more than one middle in a set. But with so many qualified refs, each ref in a three games set can expect one middle and two lines. We share.

Select your primary club/league USSF Assignor. For Sharon Deptlitch and Tarey Houston select 'Sharon Deplitch' unless you only work for Tarey and then select other. If your assignor is not listed select other.

The more boxes you check the better chances that are that you will get assignments.

We are going to try to group most of the games into four game sets. Some are four including four straight or four with a game break. To maximize your chance of assignments select four if your schedule and fitness level permit. I will be glad to work with referees who cannot commit to four.

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